Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 Mr. Boo crossed over the rainbow bridge.
He was loved so much by so many people. Especially his very best friend and foster Mama, Rory. Boo and his best buddy Violet were taken in to be fostered at a very young age. It was obvious there was something wrong with Boo’s eyes. We had that addressed and ended up finding he had more than one genetic problem. The other was his kidneys. His kidneys looked like that of an 8-year-old cat and Boo was only a few months. We decided to keep him comfortable. Boo lived 6 months longer than expected. We know that was all the love and commitment from his foster family.
Boo will never be forgotten! He had a very short time on this earth with us but, he touched so many lives in a big way. He was a very gentle and sweet soul. As a kitten, you could lay him on his back and rub his belly.
Boo was laid to rest under a beautiful tree with a birdbath nearby. He loved watching birds.
Please send love to his foster family. This was a very special little guy. He left a huge hole in their lives.
Thank you to everyone that donated towards Boo’s medical care.
Thank you to Dr. Renee Rusnisky at Mid Atlantic Cat Hospital in Maryland. Dr. Jacob Herr & Dr. Bianca Zamperi with Penn Vet for the amazing care you gave Boo over the past year.

Boo became a short-term resident here.  About 5 months after being rescued, he was diagnosed to be in kidney failure due to a genetic defect.  He was being treated at the University of Penn.  He stayed with his foster family, in a hospice situation for the rest of his life.  He was diagnosed to have a short life.  We appreciated every day he had.  He was being kept comfortable with medication and diet.

Boo was brought to us from down south, somewhere in the Carolina’s.  He had deformed eyelids and had some vision difficulties but, he wouldn’t let it slow him down.

He finished his kitten series of vaccination and had been neutered.  His birthday was roughly March 30th, 2020.

Thank you to everyone that helped Boo and donated to assist with the cost of Boo’s medication and food.  Thank you!


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