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Bowls for food and water

Ceramic or Metal bowl are the best.  These materials can be cleaned and recused without holding bacteria, unlike plastic.

Below is a link to Mr. Chewy, where we purchase a lot of supplies.  Amazon is also a great place to shop with comparable prices.

Cat & Kitten Food

These are items that we are also flexible on brand.  Any food we get, we can use.  Canned, dry it does not matter.

Below is a link to Mr. Chewy, where we purchase most of our food.  Amazon is also a great place to shop with comparable prices.

Pelleted Litter

We use any litter that can be donated!  Pelleted litter is our go to since it’s recycled material, safer and healthier for our cats.  It’s also wonderful fo reducing smell without harsh deodorants.

Feline Pine can be pricey.  It is usually found in most pet stores.  We also use pelleted bedding from Tractor Supply.

Click the link below to Tractor Supply.


Always needed for our rescues being transported and donated to new homes as well as replacements for our old ones.

Any style, any size is appreciated.

If buying new for donation, Amazon and Chewy have great prices.   

Comfort Zone Plug Ins

They are not a necessity but, do improve the overall stress level and health of the cats in our rescue.  These plug ins work in multi cat environments.

Another great product is Feliway multi-cat plug ins for large cat groups.

Best pricing is either Amazon or Mr. Chewy.

Scratch Poles and Cardboard

Teach kitty’s not to destroy carpet and furniture. A very important lesson for them to learn before going to a new home.

These items never last long so they are always nice to receive.

Chewy and Amazon again, have the best prices!


We can always use toys for our fur babies to keep them happy while they are with us.

We also like to send kitties favorite toys with them when they go to new homes so we are always replacing them for new incoming kittens and cats.

Great finds at Chewy and Amazon.

Medium Dog Diapers

One of our residents here uses this specific brand of diaper.  This is the only diaper we’ve found that stays on.  We have tired many types including washable ones and this is the only one he can not remove.

He will always need diapers so we can never have too many.

We also use incontinence pads to line the inside so we can reuse these diapers multiple times.  These pads are always needed as well.

Both of these items are found on

General Supplies

We use paper towels, trash bags, baby wipes and sometimes gloves.  All of these items are flexible on brand.

All of these are not only great around the rescue but, on road trips to the vet.  We make travel clean up kits to take with us for those that don’t handle traveling well.

All of these items can be found at Amazon.

large Kennels

We use large Cat and Dog kennels here to house all of our kitties.  This gives them a safe place to separate them while being introduced into the rescue.

They are also great for those recovering from surgery and new mama’s with litters.

Best pricing is on Amazon.

We are also happy to take any size or brand kennel.

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