Meet Link! Short for Lincoln. He was adopted with his best friend, Atlas! 

Link was found early in the morning hiding by the old schoolhouse in Kenton, De. He has a rough estimate of May 1st for this date of birth. Early this morning a partner with our rescue went for a walk and on the way home found a kitten crying by the old schoolhouse. When he attempted to approach the kitten, it ran. We returned with heavy gloves, a kennel, some food, and water. After walking around the entire building we found him on the shady side curled up shaking behind the building. With gloves on, we reached for him and he bolted fast. Luckily he tried to squeeze through a chainlink fence and could not fit so we were able to catch him. After getting him in a clean kennel with food and water and allowing him to cool down from the heat, we had time to look him over. Definitely a little boy! He looks like the fence may have cut his side a little bit, where he tried to squeeze through. We made him a visit to see the vet as soon as there was an opening. He will be seen this coming Tuesday morning. He’s resting now in the air conditioning and has a full belly.

He has since made a full recovery.  He has been vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped.  He was adopted with a kitty here, named Atlas 🐾


A Beautiful Life Sanctuary inc.

P.O Box 282

Kenton, Delaware