Milo was brought to us cold and stiff with a severe upper respiratory infection at about 4 weeks of age.  Both his eyes and nose were stuck shut from infection.  He was rushed to a heating pad and force fed every two hours for the first few days, then back to every 3 hours round the clock.

He was treated with eye drops and a liquid antibiotic.  We were told he may not make it but, take it day by day.  He slowly improved and started to eat on his own.  He has since had the infection clear but, in the process one of his eyes did not make it through the side effects from the infection.  His eye swelled and eventually ruptured. 

He is too young for surgery at this time.  He is being treated by Dr. Bowersox at the Veterinary Specialty Center in Newark, DE.  He has a couple drops to prevent infection, he gets on a routine basis.  He has a follow up to discuss surgery to remove the ruptured eye and close the opening.  We are waiting a few months for this skull to enlarge and for him to gain some weight, to reduce the risk in surgery. 

Donations can be made here through our site towards Milo’s upcoming surgery.  Roughly estimated to be from $1000 to $2500.

Milo has multiple inquires for adoption and has already been spoken for, once he is cleared to go to his forever home.


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