Romeo has recently bonded with a kitten here named Granite.  We would prefer he and Granite be adopted together, since they are a bonded pair. View Granite’s story HERE.

Romeo is a very special case and will only go to a home with NO other animals and no SMALL CHILDREN. He is a very large 23 lb. neutered male / Birthday is October 28, 2013 / Up to date on all vaccines / tested neg for Feluk / FIV

Personality: Very loving to people and wants to be a lap cat. Loves to be brushed and pet, no rough play (reason, children are not idea). He’s even good when taking to a professional groomer. Never has needed any sedative to be groomed.

WARNING: Very aggressive to other cats and has shown aggression towards dogs in the past. He runs from children and prefers a calm and peaceful environment.

Health & Diet: He has urinary crystals and requires a special urinary diet. He eats Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Dry & wet Cat Food. Any deviation from this diet will cause him to urinate in small spots outside his litter pan and eventually block. Blocking of the urinary tract in a male is very serious and can lead to death in a very short period of time. This diet will be needed for the rest of his life, this will be a big expense for anyone considering adoption.

He needs to be groomed on a regular basis. Mr. Romeo has been with us for quite some time. He has been placed once before and returned. Due to his ongoing medical care and constant grooming we decided to keep him here at the rescue to ensure he had the proper care.

Recently with some of our residents reaching ages of 11 to 22 and some rather sickly, he has been attacking them more often. For the safely of our resident cats and the happiness of Romeo, it is with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to try to find him a good home. A home where he can get the love and attention he needs.

He has always been a very dominant cat in the household. He tolerates one or two other cats here but, aggressively attacks the other cats in the rescue. He targets the older and weaker cats, he will stalk them and even attack them when sleeping. He wants 100% of the attention in the house. We have tried calming collars, pheromone plug ins, we even built an outdoor run, hoping to give him more space. Nothing has changed his aggressive behavior towards other animals. We have had to resort to kenneling and allowing him time out with supervision. This is no life for him and only causes him more stress.

This handsome guy was originally found in the street crying. Looked to be a pet that someone threw out most likely due to consistent diarrhea. Covered in mats and barely able to walk. Weighing about 4 pounds when we found him we thought it was a kitten. Found out he was about 2 years old and malnourished. He was another rescue that took months to get his digestive track straight. He has since made a full recovery and he is a very large health boy!! 


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